JA-SOメンバーの田村Snider秀子さんは広島の被爆者であり、One Sunny Day Initiativesの創立者です。グリーンレガシー広島にも携わり、被爆樹木の種や苗を世界に届ける活動をされています。



ご質問、ご連絡等は hideko@osdinitiatives.com または、Tel 541-734-8525 までお願いいたします。

Hideko Tamura Snider, a JA-SO member and founder of One Sunny Day Initiatives.

Hideko has been working toward peace and non-proliferation for many years, and Green Legacy Hiroshima is one of the projects she has been involved in.

Hideko’s message:

One Sunny Day has many Hiroshima Camphor Trees that need homes! If anyone knows of any Institutions, colleges, schools, churches, botanical gardens, etc in warm climates that would like to host a peace tree, please let us know! (Camphors would do well in Southern California, or any South Eastern State.) Aren’t they beautiful? We love them in Japan.

Contact hideko@osdinitiatives.com or call 541-734-8525