My name is Sayaka and I have been working for the local medicinal herb company in Southern Oregon as a gardener.

This year, I am sharing the knowledge about growing edible plants online.

This one month and a half long online workshop is called “My garden to Table”

I will guide how to grow basil and baby green in pots and mentor how to grow through the workshop.  I and a health coach will teach the use of kitchen herbs for medicinal use and healthy eating. At the end of the workshop, we harvest and cook together and make basil dressing.

The Workshop will start on 5/22 and only for people who speak Japanese.

If you are interested, click the link below.

Thank you so much and 

Happy Gardening!!


南オレゴンのメディカルハーブの会社でガーデナーをしているさやかと申します。この度、オンラインで My Garden to Tableという約1ヶ月半のワークショップを行います。