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This Sunday: JA-SO Member Hideko-san will be on

Fox News Sunday

Tune in this Sunday, June 7th at 7PM to hear from JA-SO member Hideko-San

On Sunday, June 7th at 7 pm, the Fox News Sunday special program Countdown 1945 will air. This broadcast will feature an interview with Hideko-san’s as a Hiroshima atomic bomb survivor.  

Hideko-san, who is a JA-SO member, has worked as a spokesperson for peace in the community and across the United States.  In the interview, she speaks about her experience as a survivor and her work toward peace.  

We hope many of you can watch this interview. 

今週の日曜日6月7日午後7時より、JA-SO メンバー秀子さんの広島原爆に関するインタビューがFoxニュース、Countdown 1945という番組で放送されます。