Hideko Tamura Snider, a JA-SO member and the founder of One Sunny Initiatives, is a Hiroshima survivor in the war.

Hideko has been telling her story and encouraging people of all cultures and nations to examine the consequences of the use of nuclear weapons and to work toward peace and non-proliferation.

This year Hideko won a Peacemaker Award from Peace House, and she would like to invite you to the Annual Peace House Dinner on Friday November 2, 2018.


Tickets are $65/subsidized upon request: Please reserve by 10/21/18

Tickets on sale and more information at WWW.PEACEHOUSE.NET/TICKETS


Please click the link below for more information.

Thank you!


JA-SOメンバーの田村Snider秀子さんは広島原爆の被爆者であり、One Sunny Initiativesの設立者です。そして長年にわたり、様々な文化や国の人々に核兵器使用がもたらす影響の認識を呼びかけ、平和と核の拡散防止に力を注いでいらっしゃいます。

今年、Peace House のPeacemaker Awardsを受賞され、11月2日に行われるThe Annual Peace House Dinnerへのご案内をいただきました。


チケット購入とインフォメーションはWWW.PEACEHOUSE.NET/TICKETS にて。




Peacemaker Awards Dinner flyer