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The tea club and Himawari club joint event will be held as follows. Both adults and children are encouraged to participate.

At the tea ceremony on the day, we plan to have the children experience the taste of tea. It would be very helpful if you could let us know whether or not you will be attending, as we will need to prepare sweets. Priority will be given to member’s children and members for the tea ceremony experience. 

In the second part, Mr. Yoshihiro Watanabe, who became the main character of the picture book, will read the picture book.

This is an event that both children and adults can enjoy, so please join us.

‘Tea club’ and ‘Himawari club’ collaboration Event


イベントのお知らせです。この度、お茶クラブとひまわりクラブが協同して楽しいイベントを開催します。当日は子供たちにお茶を味わっていただく予定です。茶菓子も用意する予定なので、参加の有無をお知らせいただけると大変助かります。二部では、絵本の主人公になった ‘殿’こと渡辺好博さんが絵本を読んでくださいます。


Date: November 4th(Sat) 1pm-3:30pm at Medford library (Large meeting Room)

Please feel free to download the attached flyer for more info (same as above)