We have received some thank you letters with great pictures from the Children at Aiikuen in Fukushima!
JA-SO donated the profits from “JAPAN NIGHT” to them and with that money they were able to make a trip to Matsushima where they don’t have to worry about radiation.
THANK YOU again to our community for their generosity!!! You made this happen!!!
(Please contact us at jasoinfo@gmail.com if you would like to see all the letters&pictures.)

今年3月に行われたJA-SO主催『JAPAN NIGHT』での収益金を寄付させて頂いた、福島県児童養護施設『愛育園』様から、子供達が書いてくれたお礼の作文と写真が届きました。宮城県松島市に旅行をした子供達は、放射能を気にする事なく、思いっきり旅を楽しんでくれた様です。