I hope you all have sweet tooth because May 8th is going to be JA-SO’s Benefit Day at Yogurt Hut!!!
(Yogurt Hut will donate 10% of their profit of May 8th to JA-SO.)
We are adding a little more fun to that day with having an Origami Class at Yogurt Hut Ashland location (140 Lithia Way, Ashland / 541-482-0111) from 3pm-5pm. (Please let us know if you would like to volunteer!)

Please tell all your friends and join us for yummy frozen yogurt and fun origami making time to support JA-SO!!!

5月8日(火曜日)に『Yogurt Hut』においてBenefit Dayが行われ、当日の売り上げ金の10%を私達JA-SOの活動資金に寄付して頂ける事になりました!!!
当日JA-SOでは、Yogurt Hut / Ashland locastion (140 Lithia Way, Ashland / 541-482-0111)で、午後3時~5時まで、無料の折り紙教室を行います。(ボランティアを募集しております。お子様連れでももちろんオッケーです。興味がある方は是非ご連絡下さい。)